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Combining Levels

Data Collection within a Responsive Classroom

Common Language for Skills / Strategies

Explicit Instruction

Benchmark for Advanced Students

Consonant Cluster and Blend Chart

1 days ago
from Rocking in Reading

LLI and kindergartners

Reading Aloud vs Reading Silently

Non-Fiction Text Features and Impact on Word Count

Decoding Strategy Question

What are "visual signposts"?

Level A-K


When should guided reading groups be starting?

Fluency Question on BAS

Title sequencing within a level

Guided Reading Assessment (excerpt only)

Spanish Literacy Expectation for English Speakers

Interactive Read Aloud & Common Core

Comprehension Conversation: Question About Genre

98% and 4 + on Comp - Meeting Expectations?

LLI Orange w/ 1st grade

Introduction for LLI books and FPC GR books

Grade Level Correlation to State Standardized test

Speech issues

How many times per year to test?

Comp Questions

How do you know when to move students up a level?

Coding Error Question

LLI Orange System

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