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Classroom Support Overview

Your professional peers are your best resource. Learn from other classroom teachers how to organize your classroom, execute a minilesson, and implement the complete Phonics and Word Study Lessons program.

Testimonials, videos, and tips for teachers and staff developers alike help you make this resource your own.

View a Classroom

Watch a minilesson or get ideas for organization through video and photos from real classrooms.

Word Study: A kindergarten class reads "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and focuses on high-frequency word the.

This classroom teacher has organized her phonics and word study lessons by month and category. She keeps them in folders stored in file cabinets for ease of use and accessibility.

Lesson Organization

Reproducibles from the Teaching Resources Binder are kept in folders that have been categorized by month.

Teacher Resources

This Two-Way Sort Sheet illustrates how this classroom teacher has prepared lessons for the upcoming week and even month.

Lesson Preparation

An example of a reproducible assessment record from the Teaching Resources Binder.

Assessment Record Example

Teacher to Teacher

Read what other teachers have been saying about Fountas and Pinnell's Phonics Lessons...

“As a reading specialist in an elementary school, I support K-2 teachers' classroom implementation of the Phonics program both in the classroom and in pull out groups. I have been using the kindergarten program with a small K group that I pull out...I use the poems and lessons that have been introduced in class. However, my group needs greater reinforcement, so we spend more time on the concepts of word, letter, etc. within the context of simple poems. I love the organization of the phonics sets!”
Ann Gehring, Reading Specialist
New Durham School, New Durham, NH

Phonics Lessons is the most comprehensive product of its kind I have ever seen in my 21 years of teaching first and second grade. It has been invaluable in my classroom. The most valuable aspect of the program is that the lessons find their way into all aspects of the literacy block: reading, writing and spelling.”
Karen Cook
Boothbay Region Elementary School, Boothbay Harbor, ME

“I use Phonics Lessons daily for my skills lessons. The lessons are right there, complete with resources, and they meet the various needs of my students.”
Janet Hensen
Brown Elementary School, Denver, CO

Phonics Lessons, by Fountas and Pinnell is an excellent classroom tool. It goes straight to the core of what it is to be taught and gives advice on planning . . . I would buy anything with Fountas and Pinnell's name on it. They know what they are doing and their lessons work!”
Judy Resides
Heritage Hill Elementary, Cincinnati, OH

“It is easy to use and gives detailed, step-by-step information. This is an excellent resource for beginning teachers as well as veterans.”
D. Howe
Neshobe School, Brandon, VT

Phonics Lessons is an incredibly well organized and readable set of texts.”
Carolyn Croteau
Swift River School, New Salem, MA