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Query: Overlearned reading behaviour errors

A year one student has learned that past tense verbs often have 'ed' added to the end of them. During his BAS running record, whenever he came to a past tense verb, he always added 'ed' to it, whether it was a regular or irregular verb. Do all of the words that he has added 'ed' to, become errors? There were many verbs in the text (fiction) that he added the 'ed' to. His accuracy percentage therefore came out at <90% but his comprehension was 6/7. When I tested him on higher levels, his accuracy percentages still came out lower than expected, but his comprehension was always at the excellent standard.
Query is: Do I count these 'ed' errors on verbs that he is constantly speaking, as errors?
My gut feeling as a very experienced teacher and reading recovery teacher, is to NOT count them as errors, but instead, find the level of text whereby the comprehension level shows he will be instructional at, and then individually teach this student how to read all the way through words, especially the endings of words, plus regular and irregular verbs, so that he understands why and where the 'ed' needs to be read.
Some advice on this will be gratefully appreciated and accepted

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