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FPL Digital
Introductory Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI), K–5+ Subscriptions*
Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Gold and Purple Systems Now Available Digitally

Engaging. Efficient. Effective.
LLI: Intervention that Works
*Available for purchase by verified customers of the Leveled Literacy Intervention Systems (K–5+) in print. FPL Digital is currently only available to schools/districts in the United States. Visit our blog to stay up-to-date on digital offerings.

Heinemann publishing, in partnership with Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell, is pleased to announce the release of an introductory version of FPL Digital for customers who have purchased the Leveled Literacy Intervention Systems (LLI) K–5+ Collections.

Introductory FPL Digital subscriptions offer Leveled Literacy Intervention K–5+ print customers access to the same components of their beloved LLI Collections in a secure student-facing platform. Now with FPL Digital, you can:

  • Set up LLI groups and assign books online
  • captivate students’ interest with digital access to the highest quality, engaging, diverse, LLI books,
  • access LLI lessons, resources, and preview books for efficient planning,
  • provide targeted, cutting-edge, virtual instruction to engage and accelerate students’ literacy learning,
  • meet your students’ needs and lead them forward in their ability to process increasingly challenging texts with accuracy, fluency, and deep comprehension,
  • reinforce phonics/word work learning with digital pocket chart and magnetic letter activities for students (K-2).

We remain committed to you – educators – no matter where you are required to teach.

Introductory LLI Digital Subscription Details

Introductory Leveled Literacy Intervention, K–5+ Annual Grade-Level Subscriptions
(available for purchase per teacher*)

  • LLI Orange System Annual Subscription (Kindergarten), Text Levels A–E
  • LLI Green System Annual Subscription (Grade One), Text Levels A–K
  • LLI Blue System Annual Subscription (Grade Two), Text Levels C–N
  • LLI Red System Annual Subscription (Grade Three), Text Levels L–Q
  • LLI Gold System Annual Subscription (Grade Four), Text Levels O–T
  • LLI Purple System Annual Subscription (Grade Five+), Text Levels R–W

Introductory Leveled Literacy Intervention, Annual Bundle Subscriptions
(available for purchase per teacher*)

  • LLI Orange, Green, and Blue Systems Annual Subscription (Grades K, 1 and 2), Text Levels A–N
  • LLI Orange and Green Systems Annual Subscription (Grades K and 1), Text Levels A–K
  • LLI Orange and Blue Systems Annual Subscription (Grades K and 2), Text Levels A–N
  • LLI Green and Blue Systems Annual Subscription (Grades 1 and 2), Text Levels A–N
  • LLI Red and Gold Systems Annual Subscription (Grades 3 and 4), Text Levels L–T
  • LLI Gold and Purple Systems Annual Subscription (Grades 4 and 5), Text Levels O–W
  • LLI Red and Purple Systems Annual Subscription (Grades 3 and 5), Text Levels L–Q, and R–W
  • LLI Red, Gold, and Purple Systems Annual Subscription (Grades 3, 4 and 5), Text Levels L–W
  • LLI Orange, Green, Blue and Red Systems Annual Subscription (Grades K, 1, 2 and 3), Text Levels A–Q
  • LLI Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Gold and Purple Systems Annual Subscription (Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), Text Levels A–W

*IMPORTANT: Digital subscription eligibility is directly dependent on your schools print purchases. All subscription orders must be placed through your local Heinemann Sales Representative. Contact your Representative for more information and pricing.

Features and Functionality:

  • Access for you and up to 30 students to your digital LLI System
  • Distribute digital copies of each title in your collection to students for instruction
  • Streamline your LLI group set up with an easy-to-navigate teacher dashboard
  • Create group specific usernames and passwords for efficient student access
  • Manage your LLI groups with an introductory student rostering feature with account privacy
    • create/maintain active student roster,
    • assign students to LLI groups,
    • identify each student by name, display name, and associated avatar;
  • Support your instruction with access to lesson-specific and general resources in digital form

LLI Digital Videos


A walk-through of LLI Digital


Instill a love of reading with original LLI books

LLI Leveled Book Example: Snap!

At the heart of LLI are high-quality leveled books that captivate and engage even the most reluctant readers. The books are precisely sequenced and calibrated to the F&P Text Level Gradient™ to provide gradually increasing text complexity to build reading proficiency. Student learning takes place with the foundational support of these engaging leveled books.

Special Features of the LLI Books:

  • Primary: 40% nonfiction / 60% fiction
  • Intermediate, middle, and high school: 60% nonfiction/40% fiction, including graphic texts and two-way books
  • Nonfiction text features such as sidebars, graphs, diagrams, maps, and glossaries
  • Highly visual with a mix of illustrated and photographic titles
  • Developed around high-interest, contemporary topics
  • Wide variety of genres, including biography, narrative nonfiction, expository nonfiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy
  • Series books, including classic tales, in which students meet recurring characters and topics

View the LLI Little Books

Independent Empirical Studies Confirm Effectiveness of LLI, Grades K–2, Levels A–N

Efficacy Studies

The Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP) at the University of Memphis conducted scientific studies that assessed the efficacy of Fountas and Pinnell's LLI and confirmed that it is effective in significantly improving the literacy achievement of struggling readers and writers in grades K–2.

Read the full reports