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BAS System 1 & 2 Level Overlap

Level of Green System books

Phonics and Word Study Resources

Alternating Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts

End of Year BAS

F&P Applicability to foreign language learning


The Street Fair-Level B F & P guided reading set

Patterned books

Classroom Alphabet

Paraprofessionals and LLI

PWS- Kindergarten

BAS Books

Questions About Summary, Main Message, and Theme

Guided Reading

Kindergarten Assessment on BAS System 1 edition 3


Benchmark Assessment & Language Deficits

Comprehension Conversation: Within the Text

Extreme Growth of DRA Level in one Year


Foundational Skills

Nathan's Reading of The Sleepover Party

from JenD12

Fluency and BAS

Level O Fiction The New Girl

BAS - when to tell the student an unknown word

Mini Lessons and Interactive Read Aloud Plan

Summer Regression with LLI Students

Writing on BAS

Using the BAS Assessment with gifted students

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