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Reading Omissions & Insertions

Hi, my daughter is going in to Grade 3. She is a December baby and one of the youngest in her class. At the beginning of Grade 1 she was reading Level 1 books. She has progressed. She received extra reading support at school in Grades 1 and 2 and I work with her at home too. I feel that she has learned to read by recognizing whole words vs. sounding words out, but I'm not 100% sure. When she reads she omits small words at times, but enough that it's frustrating to me because these are words that I know she can read e.g., in, the. At other times, she will say an incorrect word for the small word. I also find that she sometimes adds a word that makes sense to her, but it is not on the page. I have her using her finger to track the words while she reads. I tell her to read the author's words that are on the page and not to insert her own words. If she makes a mistake I point to the word that she has left out or read incorrectly and she reads it properly. When I do this, she gets annoyed because I'm stopping the flow of the story and correcting her. Should I be pointing out her errors? Sometimes I let a few go by, so neither of us gets frustrated. I would like some strategies to help my daughter improve as I want her to enjoy reading and feel good about reading. Currently, I think she is Level 20. She likes the Eerie Elementary Series and she usually reads a chapter to me a day.

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