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Jen Scarborough

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New BAS Benchmark Criteria vs old LLI

Jen Scarborough
Jen Scarborough
My district just purchased the 3rd edition BAS. With the improved benchmark assessments came the new benchmark criteria without the extra point and more specific comprehension indicators-proficient, approaching proficiency, limited proficiency, and not proficient. Love it!

However, we are still using the old Green and Blue LLI kits that have the recording forms that correspond to the benchmark criteria from the old BAS. (6-7 Excellent, 5 Satisfactory, 4 Limited, and 0-3 Unsatisfactory.)

Assuming that I continue to use the old criteria to score the old LLI recording forms since they still have the extra point and don't match up to the new BAS criteria. Any recommendations on how to juggle both criteria without confusing myself?

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