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Lesley University Professional Learning Opportunities

Graduate Courses at Lesley University

The Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative at Lesley University is offering several online professional learning opportunities for teachers and literacy coaches who are interested in growing and transforming their teaching and learning. Eight-week graduate courses can be taken separately or combined to give educators an 18-credit Graduate Certificate (GC) in Developing Systematic Language and Literacy Expertise, K–8. The courses are grounded in the work of Marie Clay, Irene Fountas, and Gay Su Pinnell, as well as other educational leaders, and are centered on the idea that thinking, talking, reading, and writing gives students the opportunity to share and deepen their understanding. All courses are predicated on the concept that teachers use their close observations and assessment of students to inform their instructional planning and decision-making.

Learn more or to register for courses at Lesley University's Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative.

Heinemann Self-Paced Mini-Courses

Heinemann Professional Learning offers a collection of online Mini-Courses, providing a self-paced option to explore some of the foundational ideas behind Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell's work.

View Mini-Courses

Each of these Mini-Courses is developed by The Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative (CRRLC) at Lesley University and produced and delivered online by Heinemann Professional Learning to support work in assessing and planning for literacy instruction.

Take a Heinemann Mini-Course to quickly broaden your expertise in crucial areas of literacy teaching and learning and combine it with other PD courses as part of your annual professional learning plan. Educators and students interested in deepening their experience with Fountas and Pinnell resources may choose to take a Heinemann Mini-Course as a sampling of possibilities for further study. Those seeking a graduate-level online course or Lesley Graduate Certificate (GC) grounded in the work of Fountas and Pinnell are advised to contact The Lesley University Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy for additional information.

For more information about all Heinemann Self-Paced PD, visit or call 1-800-541-2086, Ext. 1100

Book Discounts at Heinemann

Heinemann is supporting these professional learning options by providing a 30% discount on Heinemann publications that are required for the courses. (Discount codes available to course participants upon registration.)